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Warehouse automation

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System Implementation Project



Design project

  • Object survey
  • Method selection / development
  • Development and approval of a design project

System configuration

  • Development of warehouse / terminal topology
  • Preparing a beta version of the configured system
  • System testing
  • Server configuration
  • Equipment configuration
  • Installation (on the object of the customer)

Work on the object

  • Object preparation
  • Training
  • Warehouse transfer to system management
  • System startup
  • Operation (Go-live)
  • Trial operation of the system under the supervision of a representative of «Terza Automation»

A standard implementation project in a warehouse takes 5-6 calendar months from the moment of signing contracts to its commissioning and consists of 3 stages of 6, 8, and 6 weeks duration.

The order and timing of the projectThe project is carried out in four successive stages: design project development, configuration and testing, commissioning, maintenance.

The composition of the implementation teamThe exact composition of the team on the part of «Terza Automation» is usually determined at the first stage of the project. As a rule, it includes: Project Manager, analyst, implementation engineer, testers, technical writers, and others.

Stages of work on each project



Stage 1. Development of a design - project

At this stage, a design project is being formed - a document describing the technology of the control system at the warehouse complex. The design project is prepared on the basis of the “Description of the Base Management System and the description of the additional functionality of the System”. Analyzed requirements which are at variance with the capabilities of the System, and ways are developed to resolve these discrepancies. An initial version of the Technical Specification on the interface between the System and the corporate system is formed together with the customer.

    The term of the stage is 1.5 calendar months.

Stage 2. System configuration and testing in accordance with the design project

At this stage, produced:

  • Input to the warehouse topology control system;
  • Input of the initial information (reference books);
  • Configure the control system;
  • Development and testing of the Intersystem Interface;
  • Assembling and testing control systems;
  • Preparation of a set of technical documentation.
  • The deadline for completing the stage is 2 calendar months.

Stage 3. Starting the control system into operation

At the final stage is made:

  • Equipment setup;
  • Configuring the control software;
  • Warehouse preparation (marking of zones, addressing, etc.);
  • Staff training;
  • Start of test operation of the control system;
  • Testing of the control system in conditions close to real;
  • Perform preconfiguration of the configuration rules of the Management System based on the test results;
  • Execution of works on launching the control system into industrial operation.
  • The term of the stage is 1.5 calendar months.


The total duration of the project is 4-5 calendar months.