Development of Design documentation
Development of documentation for automated process control systems
Software development
Developing software for automation systems of technological processes
Development of automated control systems, maintenance and service of automation systems
Terza Automation offers its customers the following services:
Development of design documentation

Development of documentation for automated process control systems, technical specifications, assembly drawings for control cabinets for various purposes

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Software development

Controllers programming, programming of operator panels, SCADA-systems, modernization of an existing automation project (adjustment of existing software)

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Production of control cabinets

The assembly is carried out according to the projects of the Customer and its own projects, developed in accordance with the technical specifications

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Development of automated control systems, maintenance and service of automation systems. Commissioning of automation equipment and automation software, starting-up of equipment and putting it into operation

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Terza Automation has many years of practical experience in various industries, such as mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food industry,warehouse logistics, etc.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced engineers. That allows us to develop control technology software of any difficulty for all branches of heavy industry and practically all areas of engineering: mining equipment, forging equipment, lifting equipment, thermal equipment. We develop both integrated control systems for large engineering facilities with thousands of parameters, and local automation systems for individual units.

Food industry

Terza Automation has effective solutions for implementing any technological algorithms in the food industry. We have developed an extensive technological base, as well as a special library of software modules to produce sugar, dairy products, baby food, the production of juices and low alcohol beverages, the production of beer, kvass, confectionery, fillings, etc.


For the pharmaceutical industry, it is very important to precisely follow the technological processes that guarantee the quality of the product. Equipment diagnostics and measurement of product quality in the production process are strongly needed. Our specialists have experience in the integration of automated process control systems in bottle filling machines, tablet presses, drying cabinets, and blister machines. That allows you to produce products with desired characteristics and meets modern quality requirements.

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