Assembly of control cabinets

Terza Automation specialists can perform works on the assembly of control cabinets. If the project for the assembly of control cabinets is large and our strength is not enough, we hire assembly specialists on a contract basis. The assembly is carried out according to the projects of the Customer and its own projects, developed in accordance with the technical specifications. Our employees have high qualifications and extensive experience in electrical engineering.

Cabinets for level L2 level

  • Server cabinet
  • Operator Workstation
  • Engineering station
  • Network cabinets with active and passive equipment


Cabinets of management of the L1 level

  • Power Distribution Cabinet
  • Controller cabinet (PLC cabinet)
  • I / O cabinet
  • Distributed Peripheral Cabinet
  • Cabinet frequency converter
  • NKU case (motor control)


Cabinets for controlling equipment of the L0 level

  • Local control panels
  • Terminal boxes
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