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Gas furnaces for heat treatment of metal products.

A shaft furnace is a type of metallurgical furnace designed for melting and roasting lumpy materials, as well as for heat treatment of metal products.

Shaft furnaces have a strongly elongated working space of round or rectangular cross section. They are used in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy for the smelting of cast iron (cupola), iron (blast furnace) and other metals. In addition, they are used for roasting limestone, for direct production of iron during roasting and metallization of iron ore, etc.

Shaft furnaces are characterized by high thermal efficiency and high productivity. Combustion of fuel occurs either in the shaft furnace itself or in a special remote furnace, from where hot combustion products are fed into the furnace. As a rule, the main elements of shaft furnaces include a top for loading the charge and removing gases, the furnace shaft itself, a hearth for collecting liquid smelting products and tuyeres for supplying fuel or hot gases. The processed materials enter the working volume of the furnace from above, towards it the gaseous products of fuel combustion form an upward flow in the furnace, and the finished product exits from below.

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